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Batman 【Batman/Joker: Dark neg space】

...I'm no one special, just another wide eyed girl who's desperately in love with you...

1. Went to my parents house today to welcome them back from Scotland. I was a little bit early but had good company with my cats ♥ Helped my brother to tidy the house and eventually they came home ♥. They had an awesome time (like I expected) and are totally in love with Scotland (who could blame them?! I am, too!). I GOT STUFF!

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2. Tomorrow I have the meeting with Nika (the actress) and I'm already looking forward to it but am also kind of nervous haha!

3. The book I need to prepare myself for the IELTS was shipped today and should be there tomorrow, latest on thursday.

4. The poem is finally stuck in my head and that's good because I need it on thursday.

5. Once more I want to promote the band of my brother. HERE you can listen to their songs there. Soon they'll have their gigs as supporting act for U.D.O. and I they're already very excited :D