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I do what I want!

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the girl.

{like a wall of stars}
tv/moviemusic/books/peopleItzah C. Kret
N. 24. pisces. actress. loves animals. sometimes clingy. talkative. yet quiet. creative mind. fangirl. obsessive. fashionista. vegetarian but trying to avoid as many animal products as possible. cat lover. restless. dreamer. flirty.TV: Merlin. Doctor Who. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel. McLeod’s Daughters. Supernatural. Grey’s Anatomy. Roswell. The L Word. Queer as Folk. How I Met Your Mother. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. New Girl. Game of Thrones.
Movies: The Avengers own my life. The Lord of the Rings. Thor. Captain America. Harry Potter. Pirates of the Caribbean. The Lion King. Pocahontas. Aristocats. Enchanted. Inception. Parked.
Music: Elusive. I hear what I like to hear and I can’t narrow it down to one or two genres. Basically if I hear a song I like, no matter whom it’s from it ends up on my playlist.
Books: See the above. This is not possible to answer. I own so many books and I buy books randomly and have not even read half of them because there are just too much. I have a book-obsession.
People: Tom Hiddleston. Colin Morgan. Eoin Macken. David Tennant. Leonardo DiCaprio. Scarlett Johansson.

I live in a world of fantasy so keep your reality away from me. I see what I want, I want what I see and that is all okay by me.
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The Gwen to my Merlin. The Light to my Lighthouse. The Stripes to my Tiger. The Captain to my First Mate. The Gwaine to my Merlin. The J-Pop to my Music. The GIFs to my tumblr. The Doctor to my TARDIS.

what about you?

This was made for me by rocketgirl2 ♥ Thank you, dear!

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Social capital

  • less than 10