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[FIC] The Avengers/Thor - Little Loki the Matchmaker

Title: Little Loki the Matchmaker
Fandom: The Avengers/Thor
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1.713
Disclaime: I own nothing but my own words.
Summary: Written for this prompt over at avengerkink. Also one of my first fills ever for a prompt in these kind of communities.
"Loki was Thor’s cat. A little but tough guy, all black furred safe for one golden coloured spot on his forehead and green eyes."
Contains: Modern AU, non-established relationship
Author's Note: I'm quite fond of this story because I like the topic it deals with. When I saw the prompt I knew I had to write it, it has a cat and Thor AND Loki, what could I want more than that? So this is unbeta'd and all mistakes and grammar errors belong to me!

Before Thor had taken in Loki he had been lonely now and then. To be honest more often than not. He was new to the city and still needed to adjust and find some more friends but these things took time for Thor.

Loki had helped him to feel less lonely and managed to brighten up his days a lot.

Loki was Thor’s cat. A little but tough guy, all black furred safe for one golden coloured spot on his forehead and green eyes. He remembered how he had rescued Loki from the streets. It had been a rainy night and Thor had been on his way home from his favourite bar when he had stumbled across some juveniles about what looked like to torture a little black ball of fur.

Thor had instantly chased these guys away and taken the little thing into his arms, cradling it softly against his chest, whispering soothing words of nonsense, because oh that kitten seemed so little and weak at that time, and got little mewls in return. He felt the sudden urge to take care of it. He’d never even thought about the option to have a pet but there had been something about that kitten and in that moment Thor decided not to give it away again.

Of course he went to the vet with Loki first thing the next morning, calling into work he’d be in later, to have him checked out for any injuries (and Thor had really been just in time to help Loki, he got away with just some bruises and nothing too serious). After that he went to the local shelter to make sure Loki didn’t belong to someone or was a runaway. Which, actually he was. He somehow had managed to sneak out of the shelter because, that’s what Thor had been told, he was only roughly 6 months old but a rebel through and through.

The people from the shelter were happy that Thor wanted to adopt the kitten and when Thor asked them if he had a name they told him it was Loki. Thor loved the sound of that name and decided to keep it and Loki seemed to welcome that.

The first time when Thor introduced Loki to his new home was more difficult than he had imagined, as Loki had recovered from what had happened that night he became his rebellious self – as the shelter had already warned him he would become.

It seemed that his favourite pastime was tearing apart Thor’s most loved shirts. While being mad with Loki at first, that didn’t really last. Who could resist a cat staring at you innocently with big green eyes and a loud purr that only invited you to a cuddle on the couch? Thor definitely couldn’t and eventually Loki warmed up with his rescuer and made a habit of sleeping beside Thor. Or on his chest. Or legs. The latter was very uncomfortable at times because Thor couldn’t move his legs but he also didn’t want to wake Loki so he just stayed in that inconvenient position until he fell asleep and didn’t notice his limbs going stiff and numb any more.

No matter what he tried, how many comfortable cat beds he bought for Loki (Thor never knew to that point there existed so many different options for cats but Loki also taught him that cats were picky in whatever you gave them, be it food or a sleeping option, and that was probably the reason), Loki would always sleep curled up in Thor’s bed and over time Thor came to love that.

“You really should get a real boyfriend instead of a cat, don’t you think?” his friend Steve asked him one day as he tried to keep quite a distance between himself and Thor whenever he came around for a visit. Loki would claw at Steve desperately whenever he got too near to Thor for Loki’s liking.

“He’s pretty territorial for a cat. Does he ever leave your side? Maybe he’s in love with you.” Steve teased and Thor laughed at that.

“I don’t know why he keeps doing that, he does it to everyone. I would understand if he did it to strangers I sometimes bring home” and to Thor’s regret most of the men didn’t really like to be clawed at while trying to get anywhere near intimate with Thor. One even suggested throwing Loki outside until they were done and another suggested getting him declawed.

But when it comes to Loki Thor gets all protective and those men ended up outside with not even so much as a kiss.

“I don’t know why he does it to you since you know each other.” Thor apologized while picking up Loki to prevent him from chewing any longer on Steve’s feet in a rage. Luckily Steve didn’t mind and Thor was thankful for that.

In fact, Loki made it quite a challenge for Thor to find someone as if he didn’t want Thor to have a boyfriend.

“Maybe he’s just sorting out the bad guys?” Natasha, another good friend suggested and Thor thought maybe she was right. Loki did try clawing Natasha, but not so eagerly like he did with all the men, be it friends or men Thor usually met at bars.

It was after a few months when Thor came home from work one afternoon that he saw Loki (after he had insisted to be let outside during the time Thor was at work much to Thor’s dismay as he believed it was too dangerous) brushing himself against a stranger’s leg.

Thor stopped quite surprised a few metres away, jaw dropping open as this was something he had never seen before. Loki then spotted his owner and came running to him, Thor bending down and picking up his furry friend endearingly. He slowly went up to that stranger who smiled at Thor and he felt something warm and fuzzy developing in his stomach.

“So, this is your cat then?” the stranger said, his voice gentle and calm. His black hair was dancing upon his shoulders being just a few inches shorter than Thor’s own hair and he noticed how he was clad in a black suit and had a scarf draped around his neck in the colours of green and gold. Thor could only manage to nod at the question he’d been asked by that undeniably good looking man who in a strange way reminded him of that loud purring cat in his arms.

“I think I know him. Did you get him from the local shelter?” Again Thor thought the only thing he could do to respond was to nod but he actually managed to say: “Yes.”

“I think I know him. Did you get him from the local shelter?” Again Thor thought the only thing he could do to respond was to nod but he actually managed to say: “Yes.”

“That one’s a bit of a fighter, really. I wanted to keep him but wasn’t able to at that time. I hoped someone nice would pick him up as he seemed not to be the one who gets along with everyone.” The black haired man went on and somehow Thor found himself glued to his lips as he listened to that story.

“He seems to like you.” Thor responded eventually and got a little laugh in return.

“What’s his name if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Loki. The shelter named him… and I liked it.” Thor said as his thoughts trailed back to that day at the shelter.

“Oh, so he’s got my—“

“Your name.” Thor interrupted with a conclusion as he remembered the employees of the shelter didn’t only tell Thor what was Loki’s name but how he’d got it.

“We have named him after the kind man who had rescued him. Not everyone would do that these days. Most people would not even bother to look at an injured cat, yet take it to the vet and shelter.”

Loki the cat suddenly decided he wanted to be petted by the other Loki and jumped down from Thor’s arms. Loki squatted down to scratch the cat behind his ears, to ruffle his soft and silky fur.

“What’s your name then? Now that you know mine.” Loki asked as he lifted his gaze to meet Thor’s deep blue eyes.

“Thor” he said and added: “You know, it’s surprising that he lets you touch him. Usually he claws everyone’s eyes out who gets near me.”

Loki grinned at that. “That is because I’m not everyone.” The grin as well the tone in his voice had a cunning feeling to it and Thor decided he liked it a lot.

“In fact you’re the only one I know as of know he allows to be close to my personal space and lets you touch him.”

“Should we put that to a test?” Loki said and got up again and Thor felt how an all confusing expression must have shown up on his face and his eyes grew a little wider because Loki went on.

“Why don’t you invite me for a drink and afterwards we can have coffee at your place, testing how Little Loki really likes me invading your personal space?”

Thor had to swallow a little at the sassy sound of Loki’s voice and inquiry but eventually found his own voice again.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. And so wouldn’t I.” He had finally managed to find back to his old, confident self.

Thor found out eventually that Little Loki (they decided to call him like that after having two Loki’s around could be confusing at times and after Steve and Natasha had constantly complained about that disarray) didn’t mind to have his name giver around, whether it was in Thor’s flat or anywhere near him. He even allowed Loki to sleep beside Thor though from time to time he apparently thought the two needed to be reminded of who “found” Thor first by crawling between their bodies, curling up into a ball of fur to Thor’s chest purring loudly and content.

Thor decided that Little Loki had been the best thing ever happened to him. And Loki.
Tags: fanfic: the avengers, fanfic: thor, fanfiction, ficcing hell, i fail at writing but do it anyway, public entry

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